Everyday science

Everyday Science is defined as the science which is used in our daily routine. Science has surrounded us. There is science in nature since the blast of big bang. There is science in air, sand, soil, universe, human body. There is science in inventions and discoveries. Changes in chemical combinations makes different things. 

There are two types of science, static science and dynamic science. Static sciences includes natural phenomena which never changes. Dynamic sciences are thoes which are changes over time due to human experiments. Both science have different ways to learn.

How to memorize MCQS of chemical science or dynamic science?

So the key in learning chemical science in dail life is to understand the nature of chemicals in easy words. when you will understand the nature of the chemical it will help you to understand the chemical nature of anything. When you know that sodium hydroxide has the nature of acid and it is used in detergents. You can also crack that sodium hydrooxide can be used in other cleaning products.

How to memorize biological science r static science or natural phenomena?

Such siences and facts are memorized when we discuss them in detail.Pick a topic heart function. eart function is same in every living creature. It has few major function. read that functions in detail and discuss them with your mates. it will help you to memorize facts for long time.