Past Perfect Tense

Uses of Past Perfect Tense

USE 1: A completed action before another action in past.(Lack of expereince)

She had never played football before she joined football club.
In the above example, we have used past perfect tense for a first completed action(important action/focused action/main action) i.e. 'she had never played football. and we have used past simple/indefinite tense for second action/another action.'
First completed action/Main action: We use past perfect tense.
Second action: We use past simple/indefinite tense.

NOTE 1: We can Specify time with past simple/indefinite tense.

She had never played football before she joined football club in 2012.
NOTE 2: A completed action can be describe without another action, but the other action will be kept in mind.
For example, Sofia introduces herself in football club. she says, 'I had never played football.' Now every one knows that before joining football club she had never played football.

USE 2: Duration of condition before something else in past.

She had lived for 1 year in lodon before her illness.

  Structure of Past Perfect Tense

Singular subject I, He, She, It, Any Name, and Plural Subject: We, They


Nature of Sentence Structure of tense with example.
Positive S + Had + 3rd form of verb + O
Negative S + Had+ not + 3rd form of verb + O
Interogative Had + S + 3rd form of verb + o
Interogative negative Had + S + Not + 3rd form of verb + O