Discovries in Human Biology  

79th Organ of Human Body

In 2017, 79th organ of human body has discovered named as Mesentery. It attaches intestines to the abdominal wall. T is formed by double fold Peritoneum. The most important functions of the organ is to help in storing fats, and allowing blood vessels, lymphatics, and nerves to supply the intestines.

Four genes that determine the shape of Nose.

In 2016, Researchers has identified four genes that determine the human nose. The name four genes and their functions are written here. GL13, DCHS2, PAX1, RUNX2 are the name of four genes.

According to the report sci-news

“GLI3 gave the strongest signal for controlling the breadth of nostrils, DCHS2 was found to control nose pointiness and PAX1 also influences nostril breadth. RUNX2 which drives bone growth was seen to control nose bridge width."

We will be virus proof in future.

Nowadays, researchers are working to make human cells virus-proof called super-cells under the project called Genome Project – Write (GP - Write). Recently, the director of the Institute of Systems Genetics and NYU Langone Medical Center – Ms. Jef Boeke – said “There is very strong reason to believe that we can produce cells that would be completely resistant to all known viruses. It should also be possible to engineer other traits, including resistance to prions and cancer.”

She further stated, “The overall GP-write project is focused on writing, editing and building large genomes. We will generate a wealth of information connecting the sequence of nucleotide bases in DNA with their physiological properties and functional behaviors, enabling the development of safer, less costly and more effective therapeutics and a broad range of applications in other areas such as energy, agriculture, healthcare, chemicals and bio-remediation.