Brands v/s Locals

Posted on 17 November, 2020 by Mohaddisa Fatima

Brands v/s Locals

“Clearance sale”, “Ending Summer Sale”, "Ending Winter Sale", “Flat 50% off”, “Upto 70% off”. These type of claims we often see on many identified brands mainly that of clothing. These claims are seemed to be attractive for customers because they think that they are getting expensive products at cheaper rates and try to grab every item who has been labelled under the “Sale” tag.

Specially women waits for the sale announcement to buy brand products at reasonable rates. Although, even after some percentage off, their products are very expensive as compared to local vendors but elite class and now middle class as well considers it beneficial rather than buying at brand’s original price or from local shops.

This is the case of particularly “brand conscious” minds be it a man or a woman. Once you become brand addict, its hard to understand the behind story of the given offs and that how you are being made fool by being charged extra in the name of “Sale”.

Usually, these brands initially keep their products prices so high that only elite class can afford to buy it but gradually when the replicas and second copies become trendy they announce a sale on that stock and attract people to purchase original instead of replicas and second copies in discounted prices though these prices being higher than actually it should be. A common man takes it as his benefit and the producer’s loss but actually, implicitly, the consumer is in loss and producer continues to earn huge collective profits.

Actually, the consumer is only being charged for the goodwill of that brand and not for the cloth’s worth. They just play with the “brand conscious” minds and start manipulating by offering discounts. If this is not the case then why brands have become so trendy for their costly products and local vendors are being refused to get what actually their cloth worth? This is so because brands create their own identity and somehow they fanaticize the world by costly advertisements and launching volumes on model’s name and fame.

People get into this trap and willingly pay extra for something which can be bought even more cheaper from local markets. Actually, brands have monopolized the market in such a way that they have won its consumers trust and now no matter how high they keep their products prices, people prefer to purchase them by hook or crook.

Who suffers the most by this monopolized system? Obviously the local vendors. Because they prefer to invest in durable and demandable goods rather than investing in costly advertisements and hiring models for fantasy. Neither they are capable of doing so nor they have enough money to invest in these manipulations.

I am not totally against the brands but I am even not too much in favor of  them. I just prefer spending my halal earnings upon those who struggle day and night to afford their two times bread and not on those who are already millionaires.

Why China is on the path of becoming second world power soon? Because its citizens prefer their local industries upon the international brands and even they try to build up their own setup for producing daily use items and other goods as well. They give respect to local vendors and appreciates them by purchasing their products. China has lots of home based factories which makes a huge part in its GDP. They are the most hard and efficient workers in the world.

And why Pakistanis are heading behind even in underdeveloped countries? Because its citizens prefer international and national brands over locally produced goods. They do not try to build up production setups at small levels because no one here encourages home based production. Small scale businesses are taken as sub standard and disrespectful work. People willingly purchase expensive goods from brands but no one is willing to buy at comparatively cheaper prices from any home based factory or small scale business vendor.

This is why Pakistan is behind many other underdeveloped nations because we disregard our own productions and give value to international brands. This mindset should immediately be changed in order to proper in the world.