Corona again

Posted on 18 November, 2020 by Mohaddisa Fatima

Corona again

Nov’ 17, 2020. A year completed to Covid-19 spread and no one has any idea of how many more to go. Though human beings want to get rid of this virus but desire do need some actions as well but taking precautions is just outdated method to keep ourselves cured because humans prefer vaccines and ventilators over precautionary measures.

This virus has hit the countries globally. Many economies just got below the mark due to this widespread virus. Uncountable businesses were shut down because of their deficits increased than their profits. Children’s learning and future both are at stake. Upper middle class became lower middle class and lower middle class touched the poverty line. Seems like the whole world has been shutdown. Strict restrictions were imposed on physical interactions amid Covid-19. Many lakh people were died because their weak immune system responded effectively to the said virus.

These were the results of Corona virus 1st wave in the world. Thankfully, then came a moment when people witnessed the downward trend in deaths and affected persons. Many patients evoen got cured. This made the environment conducive all over the world and the shutdown was partially removed to welcome life. The globe started taking precautions like wearing masks and using sanitizers for being safe. They made these two things essential part of their lives. Likewise, Pakistan as well took some precautionary measures and strategies to avoid the virus as much as possible. The residents also took the decisions seriously and followed all provided sops at their work place.

But then carelessness started playing its role and people suddenly stopped following Sops and precautionary measures. They started taking this virus a normal disease and forgot that this normal disease was the only cause of the global shutdown and the uncountable deaths. People only wanted their livelihood and enjoyment.

This resulted in increased cases and the government took an initiative of “Smart lockdown”. This strategy proved to be successful and a big relief to the situation. But people did not come across to precautions. To how much extent the government or the law enforcing agencies can make people follow prescribed sops? And then the same happened about which the WHO warned countries.

The cases are increasing rapidly and this is now being referred as Covid-19 second wave. Now the situation has gone far away from “Smart lockdown” strategies. Now again people will face shutdown to the economy. Educational institutions are being closed amid the virus. The system once again is transferred online. Local vendors will again suffer from no sales and people wil literally starve for food.

Why all this is being done? Because it has become the timely need for the government in order to save its people from the pandemic due to the carelessness they have been gone through. Why people have become so ignorant to the situation? Is their any benefit to the government in saving you from ventilators? No! the only benefit lies in you. if you’ll survive today then only your children will going to live a good life tomorrow or else they might catch this virus while staying around you.

This non serious attitude of Pakistani will surely lead them to the paths of disruptions soon. Saving your life from these types of global viruses is compulsory even in Quran and Sunnah. Then why we have become so ignorant towards it? We Muslims become so arrogant over the matter of Prophet (p.b.u.h)’s honor but we don’t follow his (p.b.u.h) preaching at all. Why being so double faced? We shall be answerable to Almighty on the day of judgement for this ignorance towards the pandemic.