Manchester of Pakistan

Posted on 19 November, 2020 by Mohaddisa Fatima

Manchester of Pakistan

The PM finally took Faisalabad industries into consider and said in the last pubic speech that the government is ready to support the creation of wealth through industrialization in the country for economy’s growth.

On Wednesday, he addressed the businessmen and honorable industrialists and said that Pakistan’s main policy is to be industrialized as soon as possible for promoting economic activities and creating job opportunities as well.

To strengthen the economy’s condition, government welcomes business community’s suggestions in building up strong industrial sector which can benefit the economy in near future. He emphasized over labors training for assuring quality work and timely productions.

He then ordered Punjab’s CM Usman Buzdar to look upon the matter and to take needed steps for establishing textile institutions that can qualify labors or better quality productions. He further asked the industrialists and concerned businessmen to take good care of the labor class as they are the biggest and most necessary factor of production without which industry might get demolished if not taken good care of their rights. In order to grow the industry, labors must be treated nicely and their interests must be kept on priority.

On people’s demand of establishing a high court bench in Faisalabad city of the country, he showed his consent to have a high court bench in every divisional authorities. Furthermore, he highlighted his government’s basic motto i-e primarily solving general public’s problems and for this a new local government setup has been constructed in the country. Therefore, this system will allow each urban sector to directly elect its mayor.

PMIK then said that the cities would be made empowered to solve their problems at local levels without any intervention of the provincial or federal government in the matter.

Moreover, he declared his government as the first ever since 1960 which is trying to industrialize the country. “You are Pakistan’s industrial hub, your progress will progress Pakistan” he said in the premier. He then recalled the serious economic crisis which the government faced when came into power in 2018.

It is the responsibility of the government to help businesses and industrial sector grow and create employment in the country. Noticing Pakistan’s debts, the only way to payoff is to create wealth. Then he asked State Bank’s governor to work for getting rid of coronavirus as soon as possible. The world being shutdown, Pakistan saved its people from hunger and industries from crisis through “Smart lockdown” and like strategies.

He advised people to use mask effectively and adopt precautionary measures to avoid Covid-19’s second wave in the country. Economy will soon be in great trouble if the number of patients start piling up in the hospitals. He added.

PM in the last said that they are formulating reforms in FBR to purge all of the ills and they are doing their best efforts to boost up the exports to flourish the country.

The question is: do really Imran Khan wants to flourish textile industry in the Manchester of Pakistan while the original Manchester itself lacks in textile capacity.