World Children's Day

Posted on 20 November, 2020 by Mohaddisa Fatima

World Children's Day

Nov 20, World Children’s day (WCD). Every year celebrated for the children and by the children. It is due to the treaty signed by the world leaders 31 years ago for highlighting a child’s critical issues that are affecting his or her mental growth and the level of understanding and to resolve it in the best possible and effective manner.

This year, WCD is being celebrated in the most distinct and critical times of all. What challenge for a student of any age, can be bigger than studying online due to global pandemic? This is the phase and actual issue that really needs some solution to pull out our children from this digital system. It has completely ruined a child’s learning process. This year’s theme is to reimagine a child’s future. To recover pre-pandemic world or even something even better than that is the only motive of UNICEF this year.

The pandemic has revealed all of the flaws present since many years not only in education sector but all of the social sectors in the country. The claimants of vote should be embarrassed of their claims to transform this land into a better living place. All their false promises and their taken actions in this regard are now in front of the general public. The pandemic has shown what actually these authorities were doing and what they are up to.

Most of the children are left with no access to online education and health issues both at the same time. Children would never wish to return the pandemic times because it was like a nightmare for them. Neither they will ever wish to continue their studies like pre-pandemic time period because that system was only creating an hardworking machine and not an effective mind to rule the world.

In this tiring situation, UNICEF is trying to comfortable children for highlighting their issues while studying and health related problems. The solutions for the said problems are the dire need of today’s time period. The pandemic has worsen the circumstances for children. Their future is at a great risk and this will leave a bad impact on them for many years unless the authorities start working on changing priorities into better environment. Saving their skills and potential must be at priority. This generation surely do not deserve a world full of uncertainties and danger of disease.

For this, UNICEF has formulated a six-point plan for the protection of children. It is basically a list of urgent steps that are to be taken to mitigate the worst situation and in order to safeguard children’s basic rights to education and health facilities.

The virus’s negative impact on lives of little souls must be vanished and a better place for them must be made where access to learning and nutrients are at door step. Especially, the on going digital system must be dropped immediately rather a mechanism must be made to make children familiar about technology at first and then their usage at vast level must be done.

While UNICEF is taking bold steps to ensure a better future for children, we Pakistanis must also have a look towards this serious problem and should join hands with government in this regard so that our children may live in a Corona free environment.