Online World

Posted on 22 November, 2020 by Mohaddisa Fatima

Online World

According to World Bank report about pandemic, 50 million people would be crossing the poverty line in developing world. The pandemic has resulted so bad for these nations. But on the other hand, it has made people familiar about technology and its best usage as well.

The pre-pandemic period was completely based upon physical efforts and hardwork while pandemic times has taught people how to gain maximum benefits with minimum physical efforts through the modern technologies. Although this also has its own pros and cons but the benefits are so remarkable that some of its negativities can be ignored.

The biggest lesson we have learnt is that nothing is permanent is this world. Every single thing will be finished and nothing will going to survive. Therefore, it is not necessary that a person will die at his 70’s or 80’s. No one knows how much the time limit we are left with. So, we should walk along the time and start utilizing our efforts into something which has much greater return than the put in efforts.

The pandemic made us realize that a typical routine of an office going person is not compulsory rather he can achieve his target or complete his project or present his teamwork while sitting at home and just pressing some desktop keys.

The facility in this regard are modern technologies which made not only office work but school learning easy as well. Furthermore, children and youth are now able to operate these technologies which they found interesting and try to discover more features through which they can stand firm in foreign forums. Moreover, this online world has open up their minds towards earning while putting into much less efforts in comparison with people who do 9-5 jobs.

Freelancing forum has given many earning opportunities to jobless graduates. Earning online while doing what actually their skills are, is something which makes them efficient at their work.

Pakistani youth actually needs like platforms to showcase their talent and skills and can be able to earn through them as well or else they were before being ruined in a firm where they were forced to do something against their field and talent just to support financially their families.

Working-from-home isn’t that much boring until and unless you are doing something productive and which gives you happiness. The pandemic somehow made us learn something new which can transform our generation into more practicality than being bookworms only.

Pakistanis must focus on getting as much benefit as they can from this pandemic time period because once the pandemic gets over, the same pre-pandemic routine will be followed and you will be left with no time to spend grooming your self or in learning new technologies.