Corporal abuse

Posted on 24 November, 2020 by Mohaddisa Fatima

Corporal abuse

Being responsible parents is extremely desirable act in Pakistan. I have seen many times parents spank over their children at shopping or any other public place or gatherings and when they are asked to stop, the common response is “we are their parents”. As if being parents gave them a right and permit to insult them publicly. This is commonly seen in educational institutions as well where teachers take privilege of being on an authority by embarrassing students in front of their mates on matters like non payment of fees, small mistakes, learning issues, no immediate response over on going topics and etc.

Physical punishments, unfortunately, is now considered a necessary yet most damaging way of making a child learn something, be it ethics, manners, school homework or something else. Discomforting a child by abusing them physically and especially in front of a third person actually makes him more stubborn due to his broken heart and soul.

Actions like scolding, staring, hitting, kicking, burning, scaring, scalding, slapping, shaking, beating with a stick or like objects along with demoralizing them with words, threating them and making them feel humiliated and insulted are the actions which seems common for adults to do but they forget that they are extremely damaging a child’s inner self by their actions and words. These humiliations make a child lose his confidence at a very early age.

Adults need to understand the fact that a child is called a child because they are not adults like you. They cannot understand life things like you because they have small minds with a limited level of understanding. You cannot make them learn things as fast as you can. Being desperate to make them understand every matter fast will never give you positive returns rather you will make him more stubborn and an incompetent person in the society. Adults usually think that scolding a child can restrain him from doing wrong but that’s completely wrong. Your every tone of words has a different level of impact on a child’s mind. If you feed his mind with harsh tones and words, in return the same you will b hearing soon. Output is same as input because every action has a reaction and a child’s reaction is totally based on how you treat them.

Teaching a child with love and affection will definitely result in same love and affection. The more you show him gratitude the more he will be humble with you. This will also make him learning process easy and comfortable. Then only you can make him Iqbal’s eagle. A young man full of confidence, strong inner self and patriotism with a vision of eagle’s eye for his nation.

A child raised in an environment of hatred and scalding turns him into an aggressive and a violent personality with severe mental issues, extremely harmful for himself and for society as well. Corporal abuse has been a biggest reason behind a child’s cognitive and language development problems. Their poor academic results has a direct link with your bad attitude towards your child. This puts a child into depression and suicidal thoughts at a point.

A child can never be disciplined with your undisciplined attitude towards them. Your own calm and positive attitude only will make him disciplined. Your slap cannot make him realize what actually cause this punishment rather it will generate hatred in his mind and heart. If you really want your child to realize his mistake, you should talk to him about the matter and secondly, your response towards your own mistakes has a huge impact over your child’s response on his mistake.

Try to be as humble as you can with a child making his environment conducive for him to live in happily!.