Posted on 28 November, 2020 by Mohaddisa Fatima


When the Corona Virus outraged all over the world causing unusual deaths, Pakistan took a bold step and shut down the country for curing its people from the widespread virus. This was a complete lockdown which resulted in stoppage of production, trade, businesses and even working of educational institutions. People started debating over the decision at different news channels, talk shows were designed for discussing critics and arguments related to the future with Corona.

Economic cycle was immediately stopped leaving people jobless. Lower middle class people were pushed towards crossing the poverty line. Upon all this, the biggest challenge for households was to provide conducive environment to their children in which they can easily continue their studies without getting effected by Corona Pandemic. For that, the timely need was of a laptop and an internet connection.

More than half of student’s population belongs to middle class. Working to have two times meal properly is their priority rather than making their children addict to gadgets. In these circumstances, Corona made gadgets as necessary as having meal. Parents invested their savings to purchase laptop and an internet connection for their children’s smooth learning. But who knew that the lockdown would last for more than half of a year and savings would end up ultimately leading people to suicidal thoughts.

Here came a man with fresh vision and insights to at least encourage students in this stressed environment. Mr. Ahmad who was a primary school teacher somehow managed to visit his students every day for face to face sessions. This kind gesture of him made the environment little bit favorable for parents as well.

His students did not even had any access to smartphones and internet. His sessions at student’s place made the learning more easy and suitable for both. He managed to keep his students in touch and provided them HomeWorks for keeping them busy and learning. Despite of becoming jobless because of the Corona crisis, he continued giving his services in-person.

By the time when schools started functioning again, he was burdened by huge debts but he preferred his student’s education over his bankruptcy.  He was also able to convince parents to resend their children to school by ensuring the availability of masks and sanitizers in school. Though he took a loan to bear this expense.

As situation got normal, we entered into second wave of Corona and the education ministers keeping student’s health on priority decided to convert in-person learning into digital learning. Mr. Ahmed was prepared for this and therefore, provided his students different learning activities and kept a check over them. He is now more confident on his strategies and planning to make his students learn maximum in this time period.

Mr. Ahmed has set an example for all those teachers who have concern with salaries rather than their student’s learning loss. Ahmed is not the only teacher in this journey but there are around two million teachers in Pakistan who managed to comfort their students this way. They literally did a beyond the limit efforts for their students. These are the real heroes of the nation. If doctors are front line soldiers to save a human life then these teachers are also same for not compromising on a child’s future.

Covid-19 has a significant impact on student’s learning process but this suffering has been reduced by formulizing a digital system to make distant learning possible. The nation should show its full support to these teachers because appreciation always lead to something more good and better.

Teachers like Mr. Ahmed deserves respect and honor from parents and government both. They actually taught students that your efforts are not bound with limitations. All you need to be successful is courage, enthusiasm and dedication towards your goal.

Appreciate the champions of the nation!