Future Tense - Active Voice to Passive Voice

Future Indefinite/Simple Tense - will be

Active Voice Passive Voice
They will read story books daily. Story books will be read by them daily.
He will not boil egg. Will egg be not boiled by him.
She will cook food daily. Food will be cooked by her daily.
Will she wash my clothes. Will my clothes be washed my her.
Will you draw a sketch. Will seketch be drawn by you.


Future Continuous Tense - Will being

Active Voice Passive Voice
Ali will be watching Tv. TV will being watched by Ali.
Shabana will be writting a letter. Letter will being written by Shabana.
Will Hania be driving car. Will car being driven by Hania.
Aleena will not be cooking rice. Rice will not being cooked by Aleena.
Aleena will be examining paitient. Paitient will being checked by Aleena.

Future Perfect Tense - Will Has been/ Will Have Been​​​​

Active Voice Passive Voice
Mr. Ahmad will has signed the documents. Documents will have been signed by Mr. Ahmad.
Samina will has drawn the map. Map will has been drawn by Samina.
Ali will has not sketch the Minar-e-Pakistan. Minar-e-Pakistan will has not been sketched by Ali.
Will Imran has catsed vote. Will vote has been casted by Imran.
Will Mahnoor has attended the Fatima's marrige. Will Fatima's marrige has been attended by Mahnoor.