Vocabulary plays an important role in effective writing and speaking. Vocabulary words includes, phrasal verbs, one word substitutions, synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic usage, Metaphors, proverbs, common terms of each field. etc.

How to improve vocabulary?

1. Make and write as much as sentences you can.

2. Try to speak in english with rich vocabulary.

Now, question is how to explore more words easily?

Explore family of words, synonyms, anonyms, and use them in sentences. When you master your skills in understanding your words. Try to write essay and use your vocanbulary in it. There is difference between "contextual meaning" and 'literal meaning'. It is important to understand the conextual meaning of word. teral meaning is the narrow meaning of a word while contextual meaning is brodaer meaning of any word.

Here we will cover as much as MCQS of vocabulary to make it possible to find everything at one place. 



Phrasal Verbs




Common Medical Terms